Tuesday, 16 September 2008


In a fair amount of pain this evening. Got hand pain which I have persevered through to get one of the sleeves on my Noro jumper done (hoo-bloody-ray!). I've also knit another hat with the pink Rowan Spray wool that arrived today from Sash from the LK forum (thanks Sash!). It's come out ok but I think I need to make one using bigger needles next time simply to make it fit bigger heads! lol

Aston went to bed at 7/7.30pm without eating any tea again. He's just been eating crap lately. I make him a decent dinner and he won't eat it cuz he's too tired. Little so and so! Will mean he's probably going to wake me up at 6am again so I'm going to go and get some pain killers and then hopefully a good night's sleep.

My equipment from the Occupational Therapy team should be arriving tomorrow so who knows, I may actually manage to have a bath on my own tomorrow evening!

Forgot to get Mum to help me take a good look at the lump that's come up on the back of Aston's head, just inside the hairline. I have a sneaking suspicion he may have got a splinter when he slipped off the picnic table at Wildwood but I can't get him to keep still enough to have a proper look!

Anyway, my hands are beginning to feel a little on the weird tingly side now so I'm off to bed! Bet the dog will think "thank heaven for that!" cuz she's been pretty much out of it on the sofa next to me for hours!

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Sheila said...

hope the equipment from the Occupational Therapy will arrive soon for you and then there willbe no stopping you hee hee.
I just noticed that you are an Anne Rice fan and you have read all vampire books, well girl Iam too, just love her work...

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