Monday, 8 September 2008

Must Try Harder

I'm sat here and I keep thinking of all the things I want to make and it's distracting me from the things I've already got on the needles!

Last night I started off on the legs of the Raymond Briggs Snowman toy I'm making Aston for Xmas. But I've still got the sleeves of my Noro jumper to make (which I could do with since I'm bloody freezing!), the edges of the jacket/cardigan I'm making for baby Sidney Rennie and I'm nowhere near getting his blanket finished! I really ought to get these things finished before I get on with anything else. At least then I'd have a couple of things to add to my list of Finished Objects and have some kind of sense of achievement, even if I am still struggling with the European Knitting Mountain!

Already planning on making amigurumi versions of Cinamoroll, Keroppi and U*sa*ha*na. Will probably be pretty easy to make actually but since I'll be designing as I go, I need some time to do those and I must be strong and not do them til at least 2 of my other things are finished! Got no room in the knitting bag for a start!

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