Friday, 19 September 2008

Baby Blanket pattern

I haven't got my own version of this finished but figured it was about time to put the pattern up since I have written it all out. At least then if someone can knit faster than me and decides to make it up, they can let me know if there are any errors!

Yarn: Patons Fairytale Cuddles DK (although any soft DK baby yarn will do)
Needle size: 4mm
Abbreviations: st st – stocking stitch, mst – moss stitch, K – knit, P – purl, Sts - stitches


Cast on 257 stitches on 4mm needles.

Rows 1-12
*Knit 12 rows in moss stitch (mst) – K1, P1 repeated to end of row.* Always begin each row with a knit stitch.

Rows 13-24
Row 13: **work first 9sts in mst, K to last 9 sts. Work remaining 9 sts in mst – ensuring that you continue with the opposite stitch to the one worked on the previous row, for example, if you worked a knit stitch on the previous row, you need to work a purl stitch on this row.

Row 14: work first 9sts in mst, P to last 9 sts, work remaining 9 sts in mst**
Rows 15 – 24: work as from **

Rows 25 – 36: repeat as *

Rows 37-67
Row 37: ***[Mst for 9 sts, K22] repeat to end.
Row 38: [Mst for 9 sts, P22] repeat to end.***
Row 39 onwards: Repeat *** 14 more times

Rows 68-79
Repeat as *

Rows 80-91
Repeat as **

Rows 25 to 91 form the pattern

Repeat pattern 5 times (from beginning of blanket to this point is 438 rows)

Repeat *

Cast off.

If you find any errors in this pattern, please email me.

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