Friday, 19 December 2008

The Clock Tower Scarf... the saga continues!

The Sheerness Clock Tower is now with scarf!!! And it's still up there! haha! Been up for almost a week now and the thugs and morons of the Island haven't got to it! My bruv obviously managed to tie it quite tight despite being on his tippy toes on a ladder and having frozen hands! lol

The whole shebang has been featured in the Sheppey Gazette this week - we're Page 3 girls again! lol When I get round to scanning the article in, I'll post it on here - that reminds me - I must start a "Swampy Ewe-Knitted" scrapbook! Hopefully the Sheerness Times Guardian will be covering the whole scarf thing in their next issue (their photographers and reporters weren't hardy enough to turn up in the rain!).

Now I just have to get round to writing to all the knitting mags about it! That'll give the nation's knitters a good laugh!

Below: The scarf in all it's glory! Rolled out along Alma Street where I live! And finally mounted on the Clock Tower. Only took about 45 minutes to get up! lol


I have finally finished Aston's tacky Xmas jumper! Yay me! I think it looks pretty good even though I couldn't get a big cheesy motif to go on it. The ones I have sewn on are quite unobtrusive! Maybe Aston won't end up hating me for it when he's older then.... Damn! *evil laughter*

Monday, 15 December 2008

All I want for Christmas is Matt Stevens!

Please Father Christmas/Santa/St Nick/Kris Kringle/Papa Noel or whatever name you wish to be known by, can I have Matt Stevens for Christmas this year?

Not only is he rather nice to look at and nice and beefy, but he's also a pretty good rugby player and looks like he would be ideal for cuddling up on the sofa with!

If you could get him wrapped up and under my Christmas tree on Christmas morning, I'd be incredibly grateful. I'm sure I could think of a way to explain the sudden appearance of a burly young man in my living room to my son - luckily at his age, he's pretty open minded and of course, Mummy can do no wrong!

Let's face it - I'm not exactly your typical rugby union fan and I'm not one for standing out in the cold, so I'm sure that I could be a more than adequate girlfriend to Mr Stevens. I can't be doing with the media spotlight and I'm quite willing to move to Bath! And the odd trip to South Africa to visit his family would be fine with me as well. Of course, I could do with a little help persuading him that an older, single mum is good life partner material! But if Gary Numan can marry one of his fans, then surely there must be hope!

I'm not after his money... I've learnt over the years that money really isn't that important. So, please put in a good word for me Santa and perhaps I might actually find something under my tree that I want this year! I don't normally ask for much for Christmas but there's only so many bizarrely mushy dreams I can have completely out of the blue about someone I've never met and am hardly likely to ever meet! But if you have any influence with Cupid as a fellow Legendary Figure, please can you ask him to help out a bit. Let's face it, I could do with some luck in affairs of the heart - haven't exactly had it all that good up til now, have I!

Well, Santa, that's what I'd like for Christmas this year. Thank you for reading my letter and I shall leave out the requisite glass of sherry (will Moniack Castle Mead do? I don't have any sherry) and mince pies on Christmas Eve for your delectation.

Of course, if you can't get me Matt Stevens, then I'm sure I could be consoled by a Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Would anybody like my life?

I feel like total crap today. This week's cold came on rather quickly yesterday and is raging as we speak. I can't breathe through my nose at all at the moment and it's really difficult to swallow when you can't breathe through your nose! Aston's got a cold too so it's not even as if I can just rest up. I seem to get a cold every couple of weeks at the moment. I get over one cold and then I get another one! Makes me laugh - the government are introducing these welfare reforms trying to get people back to work, including those who are long-term sick like myself - at this rate, I'd be off sick every couple of weeks.

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