Monday, 23 March 2009

Welcome to the Arena of the Unwell

It's my monthly "feeling crap" time again. Actually on antibiotics this time for a chest infection so I can't be accused of blowing things out of proportion! It's amazing how you can be diagnosed with M.E. and yet people still think you're a hypochondriac!

And if it wasn't bad enough that I'm constantly coughing and blowing my nose, I have this bizarre red, blistered area on my left nostril which looks rather odd. I'm not sure what's caused it but it only came up on Friday. I did have a spot just inside my nostril on Thursday which went with no problems but the swelling/blisters/eczema-like area is on the outside only. Very weird!
Lovely view isn't it! lol

Aston's been on antibiotics too - he's had a throat infection which we thought was croup. Luckily it wasn't and he seems to be on the mend although he's still coughing now and again and he seems to tire more easily. Still manages to be a total pain in the bum though! The first couple of days he was bad, he had spontaneous nosebleeds as well - great fun to cope with at 3am when your child is coughing and spluttering anyway without their nasal passage filling with blood! Thankfully he's now got an appointment at the ENT clinic in Maidstone for May so we may get some insight into why he gets them and whether they can do anything about it.

I'm still working on the Spiderman Afghan for Christopher's (my bro) birthday. Wouldn't believe he's going to be 33 would you!

I've also got the usual 5 or 6 other projects on the go! I want to get a few things finished before I go to America in June. Yes, I finally managed to get the tickets after Sefton coughed up £850 to pay for our flights - he paid me that to get the divorce application signed! Sucker!!! Now I just have to save the spending money. Going to have to seriously tighten my belt! Hopefully I'll get some money for my birthday and I'll have to put a fair few pennies away each month too. Going to need a nice stash cuz we're going to be there for 3 weeks AND take in Disneyland as well! I can't wait - it's going to be a lot of fun!

Well, it's back to the afghan for me... and a programme about Cleopatra before the next installment of Heroes! Monday nights are improving! ;-)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Badgers, wolves and Prince Albert!

It's been a busy weekend again but I have finally made it to blogland! Hoorah! About bloomin' time I hear you cry - yes, I am a useless blogger, I will admit it!

So what have I been up to this weekend? Yesterday I took Aston up to WildWood in Herne Bay for the afternoon (cuz my parents have a free pass! woo hoo!) and we were lucky enough to see the otter and badgers out and about as well as my favourite wolves. We got there late afternoon which meant we were in time for the feeding schedule and it was funny watching what are still essentially wild animals waiting excitedly for the keepers to come along with their grub. The otter was parading round the enclosure looking through the fence to spot his keeper and bounded round his pond to get to him when he arrived and the 2 handreared female wolves were trotting over to the fence when anyone went past just in case they happened to come bearing edible gifts! hehe Was great to see the badgers - they have been handreared as well apparently after being discovered on a rubbish dump where their sett was. I think that's the first time I've seen badgers out in the open in reasonable light (when some ignoramus hadn't squished them with his car). I did see one when we were in Wales but it was getting very dark then and if it hadn't been for the white stripes on its head, I wouldn't have seen it at all!

Today, having seen Aston off on his swimming trip with his dad and running some errands, I went with my Mum to Chatham to see The Young Victoria. What a fantastic film! Have to admit that I did have a few tears toward the end of the film - when Victoria proposed to Albert, their wedding etc. The film over all was beautiful and the Victoria and Albert love story is such a wonderful one - if only we could all have a love like that. Sadly, a lot of us don't have such luck! I was thinking that their romance wasn't disimilar to the 'internet' romances these days - let's face it, most of their courtship was conducted by letter! But how amazing is it that they were so in love that even after Albert died, Victoria still mourned his loss every day for the next 40 years. Now that's proper, true and real love if you ask me. It's quite sad when you think that she lost the one person in her life who wasn't trying to manipulate or take advantage of her, her only true ally in the world. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it! Awwwww!

I do think I have a burgeoning crush on Rupert Friend now though! hehe! He wears the Victorian look so well!

I think the last thing I saw him in was The Libertine! blimey! Anyway, he is rather gorge and I think I may appoint him this week's "Knitter's Totty!". If you weren't jealous of Keira Knightley before - you should be now! She gets to snog that! Damn her! ROFLMAO As for Paul Bettany (someone who could have easily been a past nominee for the KT title), the make up failed to make him look middle aged so much as just plain freakish! I don't know whether he had contact lenses in or something but he just looked bloody weird!

Anyway, I'm now going to succumb to my urge for a curry (again!) and get Aston into his pyjamas before he soaks my living room with fruit juice! Then when that's all done and he's tucked up in bed, I can sit down and get to grips with the Spiderman Afghan I'm making for my bro's birthday. Then it's off to bed to contemplate candidates for next week's Knitter's Totty title! lol! Oh - so many luvverly men to choose from... if only I had one for my very own :-(

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