Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Finished Spiderman Afghan

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Woohoo! I've finished it! It's now pinned out to my sofabed mattress thingy in the front room (as you can see) so that it dries out nicely in the stretched position it should be in rather than the 'I buggered up my tension' state it was in when I finished it! Gave it a good steaming with the iron as well so hopefully it does the trick.

Hope my brother likes it - he's often an ungrateful sod but he did think the Yoda figure I crocheted him for Xmas was 'the dog's!" so let's hope this gets similar appreciative comments! I will report back later!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Script writers of Eastenders be DAMNED!!!

They killed off Danielle!!! How could they? That's so unfair! And with the whole nation rooting for her to tell Ronnie she was her mum, she finally gets to that point and they kill her off!!!

Mind you, I can see a whole run of plot lines coming off it now... the whole vengeance thing from Ronnie toward her Dad for denying her the return of her daughter which he knows she wanted most in the world, the wrath of Peggy cuz Archie has cast out one of the "faaaaaaaaam'ly" - I'm sure the line "Call yourself a Mitchell?" will crop up somewhere in the next week's script! Stacey's going to go on a bender, guilty that she wasn't there for Danielle when she needed her, and then there's Janine. She's not going to go revealing Bianca and Ricky's secret now that she's preoccupied with her own predicament. Of course, there is one person who can sympathise with how Janine feels right now and that's good old Pat, but perhaps Janine has burnt too many bridges where Pat's concerned... oooh, things could get good (not to mention Peggy wanting Phil to 'help her out' with Archie!) although I'm not sure I can deal with an even whinier Ronnie while she grieves the loss of a daughter she had already grieved for... very confusing!

I'm still gutted that they've killed off Danielle. Hopefully though, Lauren Crace, the girl who plays her will get loads of recognition when the TV awards season comes around. She's been fab, especially the last few weeks. The character had a wishy washy start but ever since it was revealed that she was Ronnie's supposedly dead daughter, we've been rooting for her to get the relationship she wanted with her mother.


Yes.... I am a total sad case, but you're all thinking it!!!!!

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