Saturday, 2 August 2008

August already???

I am soooooooo tired today! I just can't seem to stay awake. I've been asleep on the sofa most of the day! Did a bit of crochet this morning (finished and stuffed the body for my Hello Kitty toy and made 1 and a half arms! lol) and about lunch time I was out of it!

I'm supposed to be going to ritual in Charing tomorrow but I'm so tired, I dunno if I'll make it. Haven't had a break lately because of Sefton's car accident and therefore him being unable to have Aston for the weekend like he would normally have done. I do understand that he's in pain and so on (he's cracked his collarbone and has whiplash and LOTS of bruising and is having nightmares) but I could really do with some time just to sleep and rest instead of having to run round after Aston all the time. Plus he's going to be missing his Dad before too long - or maybe not. He doesn't really ask for Sefton at all which is a shame.

I've got into crosswords again lately. Got myself a book of Arrow-words yesterday from the paper shop. Done a few already! Will work my way through the book at some point! Probably won't take me too long!

Got my Colinette Shimmer in the post today that I bought via Ebay. It's lovely - but then it's Colinette so it would be! haha! I love that company's yarns! Going to be a while til the rest of the stuff I've ordered comes through though thanks to the wonders of e-cheques. Still waiting on my interchangeable needles and sizzix die cuts from the States, 2 dinosaur patterns so I can make toys and matching jumpers for Aston and I have to pay for the Miss Saigon soundtrack on CD as well but I'm waiting for the person who's won my Dad's suit to pay up first!!!

Better do something productive now. Aston's in the bath and hopefully he'll go to bed after and then I can get on with some more crochet!

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Cinders said...

Hi Roweena, just found yur blog through stitchlinks. i like your humour. Love the cartoons at the side . where do you ge them from? hope your choir rehersals go well. I cant sing to save my life but i've always fancied myself singing something from les Mis. I love it!!

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