Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I bet Darwin's turning in his grave!!!

I've got BBC1 on - there's a programme about the problems with Pedigree dogs. I don't want to watch it but then I do want to watch it because although I know I'm going to get upset by the horrible congenital diseases bred into most of the recognised breeds, I want to know if there's anything they have about Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Boxers (just had one with epilepsy - very distressing) because although both Charley (boxer) and Kiwi (staff) have been health checked as pups, there's nothing to say they won't develop problems as they get older.

We were told that Charley might have problems with her teeth because her jaw is small but although they're not straight at the bottom, she doesn't seem to have any problems. Kiwi is small according to the 'breed standard' and definitely not big enough in terms of the original breed which would have been taller than what we recognise a Staff to be now. I hope that neither of my dogs (although Charley's with Sefton) ever get any problems!

Owning a boxer opened my eyes to a few things - white boxers are often still put down as pups because they don't meet the breed standard (which says they can only have less than 3/4 of the fur white) and not because they may be deaf.

Even though my family have only ever had 2 mongrels/cross breeds, we have still gone for pedigrees because you 'know what you're getting'. And yet the best dog we ever had was a real Heinz 57 and she was wonderful.

Disgusting isn't it that we're so anti human cloning, quite rightly so, and yet we allow this to go on under our noses! Whatever happened to the concept of natural selection and survival of the fittest? It didn't mean that we had to eliminate the weaker specimens of the species because nature did this on its own. Who are we to meddle???

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sarah said...

I watched that programme too and it was very distressing to any animal lover. We have a Labrador retriever, but don't know if she's a pedigree, because she was a rescue. I know that as time goes on we will probably encounter joint problems with her like we did with our previous rescue Lab, as they seem to be endemic in Labradors. Finger crossed for you and yours.


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