Sunday, 17 August 2008

Repentant blogger update!

I've done it again! Not posted anything for ages! DOH! And I've finished a couple of amigurumi projects too which I need to show off!

That's Hello Kitty who now has pride of place on top of my computer. I'm quite impressed that she actually looks like she should according to the pattern I used (downloaded it from Ravelry - it's by Crafts-by-AP). I've also finished the present for Eve, my niece, which is supposed to look like something out of Dr Who. Personally I just think it's a cute little blobby creature and I want to make one for myself in a lairy multicoloured wool! So here's a picture of him as well...

I'm now knitting some socks for Aston as my "Ravelympics 2008" project. I've nearly finished the first sock so I've got til 24th August to make the 2nd one! Should be easy considering he's only got small feet!

Still working on the baby blanket... it's taking bloody ages and I'm bored with it at the moment so I've started knitting things for Xmas presents as a bit of variety. So I've got a Jean Greenhowe Topsy-Turvy doll on the go (hoping to make 3 in total) and I've just got some wool to do a Preston dog for my Dad (from Wallace & Gromit "A Close Shave") Needless to say, the old ADKD has kicked in again! haha

Haven't been up to much in the way of blogging recently, to be honest. I keep thinking I must add something but this past week or so, I seem to have been suffering from increasingly bad bouts of carpal tunnel syndrome which has made it painful to type/knit/crochet/lift things and so on. But now I've got some new medication from the doctor so I'm hoping that will make a difference and I can put more stuff up on here!

Who knows - I may even get round to putting something on here that isn't about knitting!!!!

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sarah said...

Love the Amigurami (hope I spelt that right).
Must try some of those when the current projects are all finished.

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