Sunday, 13 April 2008

Lack of sleep and a sickly child doth not a sock make!

I'm never going to get these socks for my dad finished at this rate! I'm bloody knackered after being woken up several times in the night (I didn't get to bed til late anyway) and now Aston's been barfing up chocolate snot! Not the way I usually spend my Sunday afternoons, I can tell you.

I'm about to go and get myself sorted and nip to the corner shop to try and get some Calpol and then maybe I can get on with my knitting for a little while before I have to think about making some tea!

Haven't got very far with this sock as you can see. Supposed to be finished by 27th April. Well actually need it done by 24th so I can wrap it up and take it with me when we all tromp off to Derbyshire for the weekend. If only I could sit and knit for a day! Grrrr!
Little manny isn't well at all though bless him. He's passed out on the sofa now. Managed to get him into his pyjamas quickly before he was totally zonked so at least I don't have to worry about that.
Better get off to the shop now and then I can come back, knit for a bit and then have my tea, all while Aston's asleep.

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