Monday, 24 November 2008

The joys of parenthood!

You have to love being a parent when you've dozed off on the sofa and are woken by your child screaming. It's a labour of love for any parent and annoying as it is, we are always running to be there when our children need us.

Well, tonight I was woken up by Aston calling out to me so I sprung from the sofa and limped up the stairs as fast as I could (I'm currently suffering with heel and calf pain in my left leg) and called out "I'm coming!" and then "What's the matter?" to which the reply was "Nosebleed Mummy". And low and behold, he's standing at the door, holding on to the baby gate for dear life, with blood all over his face and down the front of his pyjamas. On further examination with the light on, there was a huge pool of blood on his pillow that had soaked through one of his bubbies (muslins to the rest of us!), the pillow case and into the pillow. He was in a terrible panic about it and desperate to get the blood off his hands and face and terribly worried that he'd made a mess of his pyjamas. So I've now spent about 45 minutes sorting him and his bed out and have donated a pillow from my bed to stick under his one remaining, sorrowful looking pillow and I have the washing machine going in a vain attempt to remove the blood stains from all the linen before it gets too deep into the fibres.

Now I'm off to bed. I'm bloomin' knackered! My own fault as I was up until about 4am yesterday finishing off my Xmas swap item for the Lets Knit forum Secret Santa. Quite chuffed with it though I can't put a piccie up yet in case it's seen by the intended recipient. So you'll all have to wait to see it.

Nighty night all!


scarletti said...

Oh yes! We know nosebleeds too! Grim. Much sympathy your way. Littlest Small can now start hers on a whim I'm sure.

Sheila said...

ah bless, my daughter used tohave really bad nose bleeds and no warning either!!!! so I sympathise with you and littleone awhhhhhhh

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