Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Update (yes, I am a useless blogger!)

I'm a pretty useless human being as well. I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on! (and to prove it I've just had to go back down to the shop to get my lottery scratch card that I asked for and forgot to actually pick up!)

So, what have I got to update on? Er... failed my driving test again (I was ROBBED, I tell ya!). The examiner failed me for not observing properly. Yeah, right! The things he cited I don't remember happening and everyone knows that using observation as a reason for failing someone when they did everything else right is just a cop out because they have to stick to the statistics (i.e. they're only allowed to pass a certain number of candidates in any one week). It's a joke, but it's happening.

Got another test booked for next Wednesday morning. If I don't pass that time, I'm going to scream the test centre down!!! My instructor is going to sit in the back of the car while I do my test just so she knows whether I actually did what they say I did!

Getting a nice fat payment from the council who have underpaid my housing and council tax benefits since October! So that's going to go straight into the savings account and be put towards a trip to California. Sometimes you can get nice letters from the council!

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