Thursday, 12 February 2009

If it hadn't been for that meddling kid....!!!!

Oh the joys of parenthood - they just keep coming, don't they!

This evening, I got a CD Rom out in order to attach a pattern to an email to send to someone on the LK forum and the flaming disc drive wouldn't open. I gave the computer a bash Photobucket, as you do, and it opened, complete with a penny precariously balanced in the tray. I thought that was the end of it but no! The CDs wouldn't read and, close to tears and contemplating strangling my son, I ended up taking the computer apart and taking out the disc drive. I gave it a shake and, low and behold, there was still something in there. Next to come out was a button and yet, when I closed the drive and tried to open it again, it STILL jammed! I shook it again and another penny became visible but got lodged so I had to find a long pair of tweezers (thank heaven I'm a crafter!) and dislodge it. Needless to say, there has been much swearing and cursing Photobucket, banging about and shaking of fists in my house this evening but my son is sleeping soundly in his bed, unharmed and my CD drive is now functioning as it should be and all my CDs are now readable! Hoo bloody ray!

And after that fiasco, I was off to the shop on the corner to get some Gaviscon for the raging indigestion I had, despite not actually having eaten anything! I opened the front door and stepped outside only to have my ghast well and truly flabbered - SNOW! And it's everywhere! Where the hell did that come from? I don't remember any weather forecast saying we were going to get snow tonight. Why didn't I see it coming down? My curtains were open til about 8.30pm! It's bizarre! I hope I've got enough money on the gas meter or I'm going to FREEZE tomorrow! At least now I've passed my driving test (YAY!!!!!! Photobucket About bloody time - only my 10th test overall!) so I don't have to walk around in it!!!

Well, now that the indigestion has subsided somewhat, I'm going to try and get something to eat Photobucket before I keel over! Don't know if I have the strength to do any knitting tonight even though I got 2 free balls of wool with my LK magazine. I must make some of the irresistably cute baby shoes in there - any of my friends willing to have a baby who'll wear them??? hehe!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

kids! doncha just luv 'em?

Sheila said...

I can't believe you took your computer apart, if I did that it would be broken, and I wouldn't know how to put it back together again, sowell done on that....

As far as the snow, yep it was a suprise for me too, but it's not sticking to ground, thank god

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