Friday, 19 December 2008

The Clock Tower Scarf... the saga continues!

The Sheerness Clock Tower is now with scarf!!! And it's still up there! haha! Been up for almost a week now and the thugs and morons of the Island haven't got to it! My bruv obviously managed to tie it quite tight despite being on his tippy toes on a ladder and having frozen hands! lol

The whole shebang has been featured in the Sheppey Gazette this week - we're Page 3 girls again! lol When I get round to scanning the article in, I'll post it on here - that reminds me - I must start a "Swampy Ewe-Knitted" scrapbook! Hopefully the Sheerness Times Guardian will be covering the whole scarf thing in their next issue (their photographers and reporters weren't hardy enough to turn up in the rain!).

Now I just have to get round to writing to all the knitting mags about it! That'll give the nation's knitters a good laugh!

Below: The scarf in all it's glory! Rolled out along Alma Street where I live! And finally mounted on the Clock Tower. Only took about 45 minutes to get up! lol


Rowena said...

Some tosser pulled most of the scarf down on New Year's Eve and took pics of himself wrapped in it (he was naked apparently) and posted them on Facebook. Wish I knew who the tosser in question was cuz I'd beat him about the head with my biggest knitting needles!

debi said...

hi rowena
if you remember debi who came to teach crochet at the library ? i thought your members might like to look at my designs over at i live in the midlands now...say hello to val

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