Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Back from blog obscurity!

I really am crap at this blogging lark! Haven't put anything on here for ages! Can't even remember what I was last ranting about! haha!

Well, today has been one of those shockers you have now and again... actually yesterday evening was the biggest shocker of an evening in the history of the world ever and today just kind of followed on!

Why is it that when you write something in an email, it always gets read the wrong way? As much as I love the internet and telephones etc, there's nothing quite like face to face conversation for getting the message across. Especially when the person you're trying to convey something to is a thick arsed bloke who just reads bits of what you have to say and basically ignores the effin point! GAH!

Anyway, after relying on technology initially, spending most of yesterday evening and this morning in tears of frustration, I finally managed to talk to the bloke in question for 5 minutes on the telephone and I *think* things are now sorted! God, it would just be sooooo much easier if he didn't live over the other side of the sodding estuary!

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